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10 suggestions for President Elect Donald Trump

Ten things Donald Trump should immediately do:

1.  Publicly clarify Trump's position on Muslims and Islam vs. radical terrorism.  The Islamic world needs to know and understand that Trump is not against Muslims in general but only against radical terrorism.

2.  Eliminate all public funding for "climate change" research and other research where the outcome is a requirement for funding.  Make public funding for research neutral and without a result bias.  Cut the 100's of millions of dollars wasted on such research.  

3.  Stop the war on drugs.  Put an immediate end to Civil Asset Forfeiture via Presidential order. 

4.  End all Soros funded organizations in the USA.  Indict Soros for funding and inciting domestic terrorism through MOVEON.ORG and his other orgs.

5.  Immediately pull out of Syria, Iraq.  Shut down 90% of all foreign military bases.  Cut defence spending by 75% or more.

6.  Indict Clinton.  RICO them all.

7.  End the Fed.  Put all money issuance control into the Treasury.  Go back to a gold backed currency.  Nullify all government issued securities on the FED balance sheet.

8.  Re-enact Glass-Steagall.

9.  End all government contracts for paid software license agreements.  Force every branch of government to move to open source software platforms, and only issue contracts for services, not for software license agreements.

10.  Take all the savings from defense cuts, and re-invest half of it into education and infrastructure.  Use the other half to pay down the National Debt.

Politicians start a pre-emptive war on the war on the war on climate change

Climate change fraud scams millions of public money