Co2DOOM is enjoyed by scorching earth connoisseurs everywhere.

Here we learn that Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that:

Canada’s plan, with a framework agreed late last week, would place a C$10 ($7.63) tax per metric ton of carbon in 2018, then increase by C$10 per metric ton a year until it reaches C$50 ($38.16) in 2022. Provinces can either implement a carbon tax or a system for trading a finite and gradually shrinking number of emissions permits (also known as cap-and-trade), and many already have. 

A human exhales 1kg of Co2 per day, as a living mammal.  That equates to 0.01 Canadian dollars tax per day, every day, from every single person in Canada.  It is not clear if parents will be responsible for their children or elderly dependents.  It is also not clear how Canada will enforce the tax.

By 2022, the price the Canadian government will charge its citizens just to live and breath, is 0.05 Canadian dollars per day.   We speculate that this target matches the inflation expectations of leaders of Canada. 


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