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CO2 Austerity list for climate hypocrites

My dad gave me some really good advice that applies to many things in life:

Watch what they do, not what they say.

I had a nice weekend, which included attending a gathering at a friend's house.  A Christmas party with a home style buffet, where everyone brings a dish of food and some beverages.  I ate a lot of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and chocolate.  Everyone drank a lot.  

Only knowing the host family, out of the 50 or so attendees I was sitting at a table with 10 gentleman, of which 6 or 7 were from the power industry (both renewables and hydrocarbon based).  And one, was from the telecom sector.  The one from the telecom sector, a tall Norwegian with a penchant for good wine, kept going back to the subject of "climate change catastrophe" and how we can avoid it.  This is the only subject he wanted to talk about and kept coming back to it.   My suggestion to him was that we as humanity do what we did during the last ice age which is, absolutely nothing.

Two days later I find myself wishing I would of given him a to do list to change his lifestyle to show us all that he is not a climate hypocrite (see here if you don't know what that means).  After all, if one believes that anthropogenic climate change is the largest problem facing humanity, the first thing one must do is change his or her own lifestyle and accept a climate change austerity immediately.  And frankly, unless one has taken such steps to reduce their own "carbon footprint" to as minimum as possible, then that person does not believe in the gravity of the anthropogenic climate change situation that they themselves express and preach to others.  And yes, I find most of the time I am being preached to by these climate hypocrites. 

So without further adieu, here is the list of things climate alarmists and hypocrites must be doing in order to qualify as true believers in what they preach:

1.  Stop buying and using all types of plastics, only using what is absolutely required for survival.  The chemical and petrochemical sector accounts for approximately 30% of the total industrial final energy demand.  The chemical and petrochemical industry generates 18% of the direct industrial CO2 emissions (excluding electricity production).  (see here).  So this means cotton clothing, leather shoes with real rubber soles, glass in the kitchen (not plastic).  Forget about if how this effects your budget, money should no longer be put above the climate.  When it comes time to replace pillows use natural fibers not polymers, same with furniture.  Never buy plastic unless it is a life threatening situation, regardless of how inconvenient or expensive it is.  

2.  Stop traveling by any method other than self powered (walking, bicycling, running, etc.), unless absolutely required for your survival.  When doing so use the smallest carbon output method possible (train instead of jet, coach class instead of private jet, etc.).  And here we post a chart to the right for your reference, (source website here).  We note that climate alarmist politicians and businessmen alike are most commonly flying about the globe in commercial first & business class, private jets, driving big fast cars, etc. 

 We need to see our climate change proponents, especially our political and business leaders drastically lower their carbon footprint, or be labeled at climate heretics.

We need to see our climate change proponents, especially our political and business leaders drastically lower their carbon footprint, or be labeled at climate heretics.

3.  Stop using air conditioning and heating altogether unless in a life threatening situation.  That's right, use natural fiber blankets, quilts, coats, boots in the cold indoors on cold days.  On those hot days learn to use a very low energy fan or swamp cooler and strip down to your underwear at home instead of using air conditioning.   According to the UNEP itself:

Today, buildings are responsible for more than 40 percent of global energy used, and as much as one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, both in developed and developing countries. 

4.  Become vegetarian or vegan and eliminate all meats from your diet.  Here is the claim from this article in the "Science" section of Time Magazine:

Livestock production may have a bigger impact on the planet than anything else.

And then there is this quote from The Independant:

The meat industry creates the same amount of greenhouses gases as all the vehicles in the world

This should be an easy change for anyone to make considering the grave consequences to humanity from climate change.

5.  Eliminate all vacations, conferences, meetings that break the above rules, unless absolutely required to maintain life.  If you truly believe that climate change is the biggest threat facing mankind, then surely conferences and meetings can be handled via internet.  As for vacations, biking to your favorite nearby destination and staying either in nature or at an environmentally friendly hotel (no AC, minimal heating, low carbon footprint) should bring you the internal satisfaction that you are doing your part to save the world from anthropogenic climate change. 

6.  Convince all your climate alarmist colleagues and friends they must follow the same rules and do not discriminate by wealth and class.   If just the entire UN including the IPCC and all the scientists who are part of the consensus on made made climate change, all the signees of the Paris Agreement, all of the attendees of the signing of the Paris Agreement, and the families of all of the above start the above CO2 lifestyle changes we will meet the goals of the Paris agreement even faster.   

7.  If you are a decision maker or influencing authority for any government, corporation or organization, immediately begin implementation at that entity.  Implementing the above rules throughout the organizations should become your number one priority and mission, after all this is how you can directly divert our human race from the anthropogenic climate change.  If what you say is true, that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, than no other ideal or goal should matter to you.  

Next time a climate alarmist brings up the subject, I will point him to this list.  And furthermore, if after pointing out the above he or she does not change their lifestyle to output an absolute bare minimum of CO2, I will consider them not only a hypocrite, but a self-deluding hypocrite. 

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