Co2DOOM is enjoyed by scorching earth connoisseurs everywhere. professor spills thoughts

We hope our fear mongering climate scare politician readers will pay attention to Professor Richard Muller, who recently posted a very interesting entry on Quora.  From the post:

Many people mistakenly think they have noticed the warming, or other related effects. Most of the phenomena that people do notice, such as increased hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods and droughts, aren’t scientifically valid. They represent cherry-picking; ascribing every weather event that is “bad” to human-caused global warming. This cherry picking is particularly widely practiced for hurricanes; politicians tell us that both Katrina, which hit the one big US city that is below sea level, and was only category 3 when it hit, was a result of global warming. No, it was a poorly designed city finally suffering a catastrophe that was known to be inevitable.
Florida is not suffering from sea-level rise (which has been only 4.5 inches in the last 50 years), but from the subsidence (sinking) of the land, unrelated to global warming. Most of the disasters outlined in “An Inconvenient Truth” were not truthful at all; at best, they were exaggerations. Here is a quote from An Inconvenient Truth - Wikipedia about a court case in the UK: “The judge ruled that An Inconvenient Truth contained nine scientific errors and thus must be accompanied by an explanation of those errors before being shown to school children.”

Professor Muller goes on to state his fear of long term anthropogenic climate change, encouraging society to move to nuclear and gas power and less coal.  Unfortunately he does not address Co2 water (carbonated water), or other evil sources of Co2. 

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