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US Congressman trips over tongue and blathers gibberish

Fox News Tucker Carlson, in an interview that could of taken place at The Onion, extracted clear examples of complete fatuousness out of Congressman Adam Shiff.  How is it that someone like Shiff, who is a House Intelligence Committee ranking member, ends up on TV making groundless claims of Russian hacking approved "by the highest levels of the Kremlin"?  

Mr. Shiff goes on to blame the Russians for "releasing documents that damaged Hillary Clinton".  We believe that if the USA had any evidence what so ever that Russia was in fact behind those hacks and leaks, such evidence would presented to the public.  

Watch Congressman Shiff confirm what we have always believed, that politicians have nothing better to do but lie and do it in as foolish of a way as possible.  And as Tucker Carson tells Congressman Shiff:

You can blather on all you want man, I gave you a chance to state it clearly and you wouldn't.

Entertainment at its finest.  Watch Congressman Shiff blather on:

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