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Politicians prove to be blathering idiots again when it comes to global warming

Mankind is so fortunate to have politicians like Gov. Jerry Brown and John Lindsey.    As I read this article, first we have fires blamed on global warming, quote:

John Lindsey warned of a fierce fire season, made worse by the drought and record-breaking high temperatures

Great, another irrelevant politician, warning us without any facts.  Record breaking high temperatures causes the fires, or cig butts and lightning?  California was a desert long before humans started populating is what we learned in school.  After the author clearly cannot keep quoting the idiot politicians or risk losing credibility with even the least educated english speaker on the planet, the author moves to quote economists (another voodoo like science):

Harvard economists Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman estimated one ton of CO2 causes $40 worth of damage. Last year, about 35 billion tonnes of CO2 were emitted into the atmosphere.
In their book, “Climate Shock: the Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet,” they wrote, “The correct — the only correct — approach is to price each and every ton of carbon according to the damage it causes.”

We really enjoy when Harvard economists claim "the correct - the ONLY correct - approach" is what they are saying.  They really are above the common man.  

Well, all of humanity produces, from the combined breathing of every human on the planet, somewhere between 1.5-2.2 billion tons of Co2 per annum (the equivalent of about 500 million petrol running cars).  At a price of 40$ per ton, humans are causing a lot of damage to their own financial well being.  We need to slow down our breathing, just think if all of humanity stops breathing tomorrow for a full year we can write ourselves a check for 88 billion, that's over 12$ for every person.  Just think how much better place the world would be..........

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