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Kardashian scale theory released, soon ready for peer review

Kardashian scale

The Kardashian scale (not to be confused with the similar sounding Kardashev scale), is a method of approximating a society's velocity of declining average intelligence quotient without measurement, instead relying on an indexed correlation to the ratio of the word Kardashian to other words throughout the media. 


First proposed by Jeffrey T. Spaulding in 2016, the Kardashian scale would indicate that as a society begins mention of Kardashian or Kardashians in the news and media, its average IQ begins to decline accordingly.  As the rate of Kardashian mentions increases, it causes a snowball effect where important news and other intelligent thought provoking discourse is cast aside for entertaining drivel, which causes an increase in the velocity of the society's IQ decline.  

Future proofs and details to follow (please do not ask for raw data as only trolls do so)

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