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Tim Cook responds to $14.5B Irish tax bill with open letter addressed to "Apple Community"

Politicians around the world begin to see opportunities to shakedown Apple in an attempt to get some of that "Apple Cash" into their hands.   Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, released a letter today to the "Apple Community", which we are guessing is some secret society as we don't remember ever having met a member.  How can this "Apple Community" assist Tim Cook in his fight against these taxing politicians?  We don't know. 

What we do know is that Tim may be headed down a very slippery slope.  From the article:

"A company's profits should be taxed in the country where the value is created. Apple, Ireland and the United States all agree on this principle." - Apple CEO Tim Cook

From what we can comprehend, Tim Cook wants Apple to pay more China taxes, not Ireland or USA taxes.  This is very noble of Tim, wanting to give back to the wonderful communities of manual labor citizens at Foxconn.  Export taxes?  Triangle trade transfer pricing tax?  Chinese politicians are now awaiting Tim's next taxation suggestion letter and have joined the "Apple Community" expecting Mr. Cook to address the tax policies of the country that is the manufacturing platform for Apple, and hence adds the most physical value to its products. 

Touche Mr. Cook, it is about time Apple started to pay its fair share where its products are actually made!

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