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Elon Musk denies SpaceX 440 metric ton Co2 release launch failure was an explosion

Our busy analysts speculate that the space launch insurance industry is in a tizzy today, considering and Israeli company's multimillion dollar satellite payload was destroyed in what Elon Musk described as a "fireball".  Elon further declared, as quoted in the LA Times:

Elon Musk says fireball on launchpad was 'not an explosion'

We ask Mr. Musk to please explain, if not an explosion what is it?

Musk declares this launch failure is 'not an explosion'.  The media continues to defy Musk, calling it an 'explosion', and describes the blast as shaking ground and being felt 'miles away'.  There is rumor Musk continually stomps his feet in his powder room demanding the media stop calling the blast an "explosion'

We do note, however, that one thing was successful, which is that~440 tons of Co2 was released in to the atmosphere, as planned by Musk.  The ~440 tons of Co2 releases was similar to what 100 gasoline burning cars produce in a year of operation.  

The Falcon X spacecraft uses rockets that burn a hydrocarbon propellant named RP-1, or highly refined kerosene.  RP-1 is less efficient than ultra clean burning hydrogen fuel because hydrogen releases more energy per unit mass during combustion.  Musk is proud that his Co2 emitting rockets save private companies dollars as compared to using ultra clean burning hydrogen fueled models produced by the competition.  

Mr. Musk must be proud of leveling the playing field and wiping out the savings to humanity's carbon budget created for 100 of his Tesla vehicles with every launch (or launch failure) he manages.  

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