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Moronic politician grills CIA Director Appointee on climate change

In a prime example of a politician making a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing look more like a circus, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) decided to question Representative Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee to run the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on a myriad of critical questions pertaining to his future role at the CIA including his beliefs concerning climate change (specifically whether he agrees with the famous "97% consensus").

Interestingly enough, we wonder why Senator Harris decides to waste Senate Intelligence Hearing time and taxpayer money posing such a moronic question to the candidate for CIA Director.   We can only conclude a select few possibilities:

  1. Senator Harris believes that the CIA will execute a coup d'état on the climate.
  2. Senator Harris fears that the CIA will begin a world wide campaign of propaganda against the "97% consensus".
  3. Senator Harris has her own politicized agenda, which is using climate change as a strawman argument in order to make President Elect Trump and his CIA Director Appointee appear illegitimate.

We leave it to you to decide why Senator Harris brings up "climate change" at a critical Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, instead of at the circus in her hometown where it really should be debated at length.   

Fast forward to 2:05:00 where Senator Harris begins the important questioning:

Fast forward to 2:05:00 where the action with Senator Harris begins!

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