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Richard Lindzen shares "Some thoughts on the public discourse over climate change."

Richard Lindzen shares "Some thoughts on the public discourse over climate change."

Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT Richard Lindzen has published an interesting paper titled "Some thoughts on the public discourse over climate change", which can be found here.  There are some very interesting points that Professor Lindzen makes, which include:

  1. The "97% consensus" meme stems from a 1988 Newsweek cover claiming "all scientists agree".  
  2. A thorough debunking of the "97% meme" has been given in the Wall Street Journal by Bast and Spencer found here
  3. Increasing government funding has been driving by a political correctness associated with climate alarmism.
  4. The "warmest years on record" meme covers a myriad of misconceptions, and assumes a very substantial level of public gullibility.
  5. The warming episode from about 1978 to 1998 appeared to have ceased and temperatures have remained almost constant since 1998.
  6. The temperature change that we are discussing is small compared to our routine sensual experience.
  7. Virtually all models used to predict ‘dangerous’ warming over-predict observed warming after the ‘calibration’ periods.
  8. Observed warming is small compared to what the models upon which concerns are based are predicting.
  9. Attribution of "extreme weather", which are normally occurring events, to climate change is patently dishonest.
  10. Even the UN’s IPCC acknowledges that there is no basis for attributing "extreme weather" events to anthropogenic climate change.

  11. Globally averaged sea level appears to have been rising at the rate of about 6 inches a century for thousands of years.

  12. Recent changes are small compared to the claims that suggest disastrous changes.

  13. The fact that people like Al Gore and Susan Solomon (former head of the IPCC’s Scientific Assessment) have invested heavily in ocean front property supports the notion of "sea level rise" is propagandistic rather than scientific.

  14. Associating changing summer sea ice coverage with climate change is, itself, dubious.

  15. Existing climate models hardly unambiguously predict the observed sea ice behavior.

  16. Melting sea ice does not contribute to sea level rise.

  17. There is no evidence that changes in summer sea ice have had any adverse impact on polar bear population, and, given that polar bears can swim for over a hundred miles, there seems to be little reason to suppose that it would.

  18. "Ocean acidification" is an obscure claim that sounds scary but does not stand up to scrutiny.

  19. In point of fact, the ocean is basic rather than acidic (ie, its ph is always appreciably higher than 7, and there is no possibility of increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 bringing it down to 7; note that ph is a measure of acidity or basicness: values greater than 7 are basic and less than 7 acid.), and the purported changes simply refer to making the ocean a bit less basic.  

  20. Coral bleaching has common causes other than warming and is far from a death sentence for corals whose capacity to recover is substantial.

  21. There is a tendency to blame everything unpleasant on global warming.

  22. The accumulation of false and/or misleading claims is often referred to as the ‘overwhelming evidence’ for forthcoming catastrophe.

And with that, we conclude more Co2 Doom is needed!

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